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Now, Voyager(1942) Images

Now, Voyager was released in the year 1942。Now, Voyager is also called as Uusien tähtien alla, Une femme cherche son destin, Under nye stjerner, Under nya stjärnor, Reise aus der Vergangenheit, Perdutamente tua, Massa el Ha-Ahava, Extraña pasajera

Charlotte Vale suffers under the domination of her Boston matron mother until Dr. Jaquith gets her to visit his sanitarium where she is transformed from frump to elegant, independent lady. When she goes off on a South American cruise she falls in love with Jerry, already married. Back home she confronts her mother who dies of a heart attack. Charlotte, guilt-ridden, returns to the sanitarium where she finds Jerry's depressed daughter Tina. Tina achieves happiness through her attachment to Charlotte and the two move back to Boston. When Jerry sees how happy his daughter is, he leaves her with Charlotte. What about marriage for Charlotte and Jerry? "Don't ask for the moon when we have the stars."

Now, Voyager Actors and Actresses

Now, Voyager actors and actresses include Bette Davis, Claude Rains, Paul Henreid

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