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On the Fiddle(1961) Images

On the Fiddle was released in the year 1961。On the Fiddle is also called as dalla Francia senza amore, Kaikkien aikojen agentti, A 077, Operation War Head, Tidernas agent, Operation Snafu

When he is pulled up in court for selling stuff on the street, Horace Pope says he was only doing it while waiting to enlist. The judge calls his bluff and forces him to sign up. Pope makes friends with the easy going but loyal Pedlar Pascoe, who happily goes along with all of his scams in an effort to avoid the front lines and make a bit on the side. However, his scams cause trouble where he goes and there are only so many places he can go before France beckons.

On the Fiddle Actors and Actresses

On the Fiddle actors and actresses include Sean Connery

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