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One Crazy Summer was released in the year 1986。One Crazy Summer is also called as Folle estate, Ganz verrückter Sommer, Greetings from Nantucket, Hullu kesä, Egy örült nyár, Um Verão Louco, Uma Loucura de Verão, Verano loco, Jedno szalone lato

With a name like Hoops McCann, he's bound to get that basketball scholarship after high school, right? Wrong! What Hoops really wants to do is write and illustrate a love story. To help him find his way, his friend George invites Hoops to come with him and his sister to spend the summer on Nantucket. The friends Crazy Summer begins when they pickup Cassandra on the way--she's being chased by a motorcycle gang. From here on in, it only gets crazier. Once on the island, Hoops and George, along with George's island friends the Stork twins and Ack-Ack (son of a marine), must help Cassandra save her grandfather's house from the greedy Beckersted Family. Along the way, Hoops must find a way to write his cartoon love story - and maybe a real one of his own.

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