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One Hour Photo was released in the year 2002。One Hour Photo is also called as Photo obsession, One Hour Photo - Ich beobachte dich, Retratos de uma Obsessão, Retratos de una obsesión, Tunnin kuv, Stalker, Sötétkamra

Seymour 'SY' Parrish has been doing photo development for 20 years. He has a vast knowledge of modern photography and develops photos at a local department store for a living. But SY lives a sad and lonely life and begins spying on the Yorkin family, his biggest customers who seem to have everything in the world. SY begins to feel that he wants to be in the Yorkin's life, but when he discovers that the Yorkins are not as perfect as they seem, he becomes a man on a mission to expose the imperfections of the Yorkin family that could tear them apart.

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