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One Tree Hill was released in the year 2003。One Tree Hill is also called as "One Tree Hill", Tuti gimi, Tunteet pelissä, Ravens, Filoi gia panta, Frères Scott

Nathan Scott, a beautiful and popular athlete, is the absolute star of the Ravens, his high school basketball team, just as once was his proud dad, ambitious businessman Dan Scott, who pushes him harder then even the coach approves of. When the team celebrates a victory by 'borrowing' a school bus arrests are made; Dan manages to get Nathan escape exclusion, but as others are less lucky the team needs new players, so the coach invites Nathan's half-brother Lucas Scott, who was abandoned with his mother and only plays basketball with a few friends in the park, his passion being reading. When he also seems to hit on with Nathan's girlfriend Peyton, the star dares him one-to-one for high stakes...

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