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Orca(1977) Images

Orca was released in the year 1977。Orca is also called as Orca - dræberhvalen, Orca - syvyyksien kostaja, Orca - tappajavalas, Orca assassina, Orca - djupets hämnare, der Killerwal, la ballena asesina, Orca: Killer Wha, Orca zabiják

After witnessing his mate and child's death from Nolan's hands, Orca, the killer whale, goes on a rampage in the fishermen's arbor. Under the villagers's pressure, Nolan, Rachel and an indian sails after the great beast, who will bring them on his own turf.

Orca Actors and Actresses

Orca actors and actresses include Bo Derek, Charlotte Rampling, Keenan Wynn, Robert Carradine

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