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Otan gnorisa tin Poly was released in the year 2004。Otan gnorisa tin Poly is also called as Along Came Polly, Mi novia Polly, ...E alla fine arriva Polly, ...och så kom Polly, Derült égböl Polly, ...und dann kam Polly, Nadchodzi Polly, Polly et m, Men så kom Polly

Can a risk-averse insurance salesman on the rebound from his bride's infidelity (during their honeymoon) find happiness with a waitress he knew in junior high who's averse to commitment? Reuben is a sweet klutz who's ready to settle down but sees in her a chance to recover from disappointment and have some fun; Polly is a sweet itinerant, not ready to settle down but sees a chance to spend time with a nice guy who likes her. What will he do when his bride comes crawling back? What will Polly do, when he runs the numbers and thinks she's a good risk? Sub-plots involve his self-centered pal, who's a has-been actor, and an assignment to assess the insurability of a balls-out Aussie.

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