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Our Relations was released in the year 1936。Our Relations is also called as Doppelgänger von Sacramento, Lieben Verwandten, Allegri gemelli, 2 x Dick und 2 x Doof, Bröder i kvadrat, C'est donc ton frère, Dick und Doof - Spuk aus dem Jenseits, Beiden Pantoffelhelden

Unbeknownst to Stanley and Oliver, their long-lost twin brothers, sailors Alfie and Bert are in town on shore leave carrying a valuable pearl ring entrusted to them by their ship's captain. All four get involved in multiple cases of mistaken identity as a gang of hoodlums try to steal the ring Stanley and Oliver wind up with their feet in cement, about to be dumped into the harbor.

Our Relations Actors and Actresses

Our Relations actors and actresses include Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel

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