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Outside Ozona was released in the year 1998。Outside Ozona is also called as Um Assassino na Estrada, Um Assassinato na Estrada, Crimen no conoce fronteras, Camino del infierno, Au confins d'Ozona, Sur la route d'Ozona

A serial killer is stalking the roads between New Mexico and Texas and the passengers that we meet are destined to become his victims. We meet our parties at a cafeteria where a trucker (Robert Forster) stops for coffee. In the restaurant are a woman who has run out of gas (Kateri Walker) and is trying to get her grandmother to the coast one last time before she dies, a fired and broke circus clown (Kevin Pollak) trying to get to Vegas with his stripper girl friend (Penelope Ann Miller), and sisters (Sherilyn Fenn, Beth Ann Styne) who are going to their father's funeral. The killer (David Paymer) is easy to spot. While all of the mayhem is ongoing, all motorists are tuned into a local DJ (Taj Mahal) who is feuding with his station manager (Meat Loaf).

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