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På kvällen den sista dagen(1968) Images

På kvällen den sista dagen was released in the year 1968。På kvällen den sista dagen is also called as Boom, Mujer maldita, Homem que Veio de Longe, Goforth, Scogliera dei desideri, Brandung, Boom!, Anemodarmenos lofos, Ángel de la muerte, Choque

The incredibly rich writer Sissy Goforth lives alone with her servants and nurses on the top of a Mediterranean island, on which she makes her own rules. Her days consist of dictating her autobiography and begging for injections. Here comes Chris Flanders, a.k.a. the angel of death - he has the weird habit of paying visit to unfortunate ladies shortly before their death. Sissy dresses him like a Japanese warrior, and he contemplates in that outfit the waves breaking against the rocks below. The witch of Capri - a neighbour - is invited to share their dinner, a larger than life - and still moving - monster of the sea.

På kvällen den sista dagen Actors and Actresses

På kvällen den sista dagen actors and actresses include Joanna Shimkus, Noel Coward

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