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Päivä ylhäis&#24(1933) Images

Päivä ylhäis&#24 was released in the year 1933。Päivä ylhäis&#24 is also called as Lady for a Day, Beggar's Holiday, Geveret L'Yom Ehad, Grande dame d'un jour, Lady für einen Tag, Dama por un día, Madame la Gimp, Milionária por Um Dia, Lady for en dag

Aple Annie is an indigent woman who has always written to her daughter in Spain that she is a member of New York's high society. Now her daughter plans to return to America with her new fiance and his father, a member of Spain's aristocracy. Annie must pretend to be wealthy or the count will not give his blessing. She gets the help of Dave the Dude, who considers Annie a good luck charm, to obtain a luxury apartment and entertain the visitors, but things don't always go quite as planned...

Päivä ylhäis&#24 Actors and Actresses

Päivä ylhäis&#24 actors and actresses include Ward Bond

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