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Pânico no Ar was released in the year 1997。Pânico no Ar is also called as Medusa's Child, Vaarallinen lento, Projet Médusa, Progetto Medusa - minuti contati, Piège en plein ciel, Medusa's Child - Atombombe an Bord der 737

Fuming over the departure of his wife Vivian and the cutting of his research funding, crazy nuclear scientist Rogers Henry constructs Medusa, a thermonuclear bomb capable of generating a continent-sized electro-magnetic pulse; such EMP could effectively destroy a computer-based society. He dupes Vivian into bringing it to the Pentagon to exact his final revenge on the government, rigging it so it will explode before its count-down if Vivian's pacemaker isn't within fifteen feet of it. Medusa arms itself in the air aboard Scott Nash's 737 cargo plane, and with Hurricane Sigrid about to hit the coast, nobody wants to let them land. Based on the novel by John J. Nance.

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