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Parajanov: The Last Spring was released in the year 1992。Parajanov: The Last Spring is also called as Paradzhanov: Poslednyaya vesna, Paradzhanov: Poslednya vesna, Paradjanov: The Confession, Paradjanov: Den sista varen, оЮПЮДФЮМНБ: оНЯКЕДМЪЪ БЕЯМЮ

Influential documentary masterpiece about imprisoned cinema-genius Sergei Parajanov, persecuted by KGB, during the height of his artistic power, for creating non-conformist films "Color of Pomegranate" and "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" - regarded as one the greatest films of the 20th century. A film by his close friend, Russian Academy Award-winning filmmaker Mikhail Vartanov , includes the complete surviving camera negative of Parajanov's unfinished final picture "The Confession"; unique 1968 behind the scenes sequences of Parajanov on the shooting of the "Color of Pomegranates"; breathtaking coverage of Parajanov's last working day in cinema in 1990 and frightening letters from Ukrainian GULAG (hard labor prison camps) with a shocking secret request that Parajanov sent to Vardanov. Mikhail Vartanov made the film in a blockaded Soviet Armenia during the hour daily limits of electricity and water, no heat, no gas, food, transport and communication shortages. He wrote: Parajanov's dreams, the farewell to the characters of his films, which, along with thousands of fans, see him off to the last journey. The Last Spring... A dove emerges from within the grave and flies off towards the immortality. Life is gone... Life is still there, imprinted on celluloid of the Altar of Joy, Beauty and Sadness that Parajanov has created.

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