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Pathfinder(1987) Images

Pathfinder was released in the year 1987。Pathfinder is also called as Ofelas, Veiviseren, Vägvisaren, Tiennäyttäjä, Rache des Fährtensuchers, Passeur, Guia da Montanha, Guía del desfiladero, Fugindo da Morte, Arciere di ghiaccio

Around the year 1000 AD warlike people, the so-called "tjuder", roam in northern Scandinavia. As they brutally kill a family in a remote area, including the parents and their little daughter, the families teenage son, Aigin, observes the slaughter. He manages to flee from these killers and reaches a camp with other Lapps whose inhabitants are worried if he has been able to hide his track. Afraid of the murderous people, they decide to flee to the coast. The boy stays alone to avenge his families murder. Unfortunately, they get him before he can do anything and force him to lead them to the other Lapps. He guides them but has a plan to destroy the barbarous people before reaching the camp.

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