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Pavilion of Women(2001) Images

Pavilion of Women was released in the year 2001。Pavilion of Women is also called as Pavilhão de Mulheres, Ting yuan li de nu ren, Naisten piha, Frauen des Hauses Wu, Honra e Guerra, Pabellón de mujeres

In 1938, Ailian is the forty years old wife of a wealthy man, Mr. Wu, who belongs to the traditional Wu Family in China. In order to get rid off her sexual obligations with her husband, Ailian gives Chiuming, a very young concubine to him. Andre is an American priest and doctor who takes care of an orphanage and becomes the tutor of her eighteen years old son Fengmo Wu. Father Andre starts giving classes to Fengmo, Ailian and Chiuming. Then, two forbidden loves will rise: between the priest and the first wife, and between the son and the concubine, having the invasion of China by the Japanese in a big picture.

Pavilion of Women Actors and Actresses

Pavilion of Women actors and actresses include Amy Hill, John Cho, Willem Dafoe, Yan Luo

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