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Perdida de la inocencia sexual was released in the year 1999。Perdida de la inocencia sexual is also called as The Loss of Sexual Innocence, Perdita dell'innocenza, Instintos ocultos, Adiós a la inocencia sexual, A Perda da Inocência, Fin de l'innocence sexuelle

Confused, non-linear film tells the sexual story of a film director from his life at age 5, age 12, age 16, a man embarking on his first film in 1950's Tunisia, and finally to his current life. Along the way he has sexual exploits with an older woman (Kelly McDonald) as a teen (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), gets involved with an Italian couple Tunisia that culminates in the killing of a local boy and the brutal revenge murder of the woman (Saffron Burrows), and ultimately is married to a cold woman (Johanna Torrel).

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