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Period of Adjustment was released in the year 1962。Period of Adjustment is also called as Zeit der Anpassung, Vilse i lustgården, Sopeutumisen aika, Rodaggio matrimoniale, Reajuste matrimonial, Gamos ypo dokimin, École des jeunes mariés

George Haverstick, a Korean war veteran, hastily marries Isabel, whom he met in hospital while he was recovering from a nervous condition. To Isabel's horror, they drive to Florida on their honeymoon in an old hearse. They spend much of the time quarreling, and then, on Christmas eve, they visit George's war buddy, Ralph Baltz. However Ralph's wife Dorothea has just walked out on him, taking their child. Each couple then observes the marital difficulties of the other couple.

Period of Adjustment Actors and Actresses

Period of Adjustment actors and actresses include Jane Fonda, John Astin, Norman Leavitt

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