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Peuple migrateur, Le(2001) Images

Peuple migrateur, Le was released in the year 2001。Peuple migrateur, Le is also called as Aves Migratórias, Bevingad flyttning, Flyttfåglar, Fugle på rejse, Winged Migration, Nómadas del viento, Nomaden der Lüfte, Nomaden der Lüfte - D, Migração Alada

The cameras of Jacques Perrin fly with migratory birds: geese, storks, cranes. The film begins with spring in North America and the migration to the Arctic; the flight is a community event for each species. Once in the Arctic, it's family time: courtship, nests, eggs, fledglings, and first flight. Chicks must soon fly south. Bad weather, hunters, and pollution take their toll. Then, the cameras go south of the Equator; Antarctica is the summer destination. The search for food, good weather, and a place to hatch young takes this annual cycle of stamina across continents and oceans. There is a spare narration and a few titles; for the most part it's visual, a bird's eye view.

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