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Piano piano non t'agitare(1967) Images

Piano piano non t'agitare was released in the year 1967。Piano piano non t'agitare is also called as Don't Make Waves, Vad gör du i min säng..., Nackten Tatsachen, Hvad laver du i min seng?, Älä nostata laineita, No hagan olas, Comment réussir en amour sans se fatiguer?

New York tourist Tony Curtis falls asleep on a Southern California beach on his first night in the West and wakes up to The New Phantasmagoria--catamarans, surfers (including a dog), bodybuilders, acrobats, motorcycle chicken races, a nut fishing in the shallows . . . and Sharon Tate as a skydiver named Malibu who gives Curtis the rapture of artificial respiration when he is conked on the head by a flying surfboard. This is the '60s American Dream: youth and beauty and money and sex in Southern California. Go west, all men.

Piano piano non t'agitare Actors and Actresses

Piano piano non t'agitare actors and actresses include Edgar Bergen, Jim Backus, Sharon Tate

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