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Picasso ile yasamak was released in the year 1996。Picasso ile yasamak is also called as Surviving Picasso, Sobrevivir a Picasso, Sobreviviendo a Picasso, Sobreviver a Picasso, Mein Mann Picasso, Malgré Picasso, At overleve Picasso, Amores de Picasso, Ahavotav Shel Picasso

In 1943, a young painter, Françoise Gilot (1921- ) meets Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), already the most celebrated artist in the world. For the next ten years, she is his mistress, bears him two children, is his muse, and paints within his element. She also learns slowly about the other women who have been or still are in his life: Dora Maar, Marie- Thérèse (whose daughter is Picasso's), and Olga Koklowa, each of whom seems deeply scarred by their life with Picasso. Gilot's response is to bring each into her relationship with Picasso. How does one survive Picasso? She keeps painting, and she keeps her good humor and her independence. When the time comes, she has the strength to leave.

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