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Play Misty for Me(1971) Images

Play Misty for Me was released in the year 1971。Play Misty for Me is also called as Brivido nella notte, Destinos nas Trevas, Escalofrío en la noche, Mørkets melodi, Sadistico, Mardrömmen, Obsesión fatal, Obsesión mortal, Un fris, Mørkets skræk

A DJ for KRML, a jazz radio station in Carmel has what he believes to be a casual affair with one of his more ardent fans, however when he tries to return to his regular girlfriend he discovers that Jessica Walter's character has other ideas and intends to become part of his life, or possibly his death. If this plot sounds familiar it is because the Michael Douglas, Glenn Close hit, Fatal Attraction is a virtual remake. The title comes from the song, Misty, which Walters requests from her DJ lover.

Play Misty for Me Actors and Actresses

Play Misty for Me actors and actresses include Clarice Taylor, Clint Eastwood, Donna Mills

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