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Point Blank - Keiner darf Überleben was released in the year 1967。Point Blank - Keiner darf Überleben is also called as Point Blank, Tappajan jäljet, Senza un attimo di tregua, Point de non-retour, Hämnaren från Alcatraz, À Queima Roupa, A quemarropa

"Point Blank" is an expertly made, fast-moving film, based on the theme of the individual pitted against the large, impersonal organization. Here the central character is an old-fashioned loner of a gunman (Lee Marvin) embroiled with a large-scale, corporate criminal operation behind a respectable-looking 'front'. Without delving into psychology or motivation, the film places emphasis on action and surface appearances, superbly capturing the glossy, depersonalized feel of a 1967 Los Angeles--a nightmare landscape of concrete, glass and coiling freeways.

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