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Prey of the Chameleon(1992) Images

Prey of the Chameleon was released in the year 1992。Prey of the Chameleon is also called as Kameleontti - saalistaja, Predador à Solta, Serienmörderin, Vítimas do Camaleão

J.D. returns to his small Texas hometown where four years ago he left Carrie at the altar. She's now a deputy sheriff, and she's not happy to see him. He soon has a job offer in Bakersfield, so he's off to California with Carrie telling him not to come back. Late that night he stops to help a woman whose car has broken down, and soon he's both her protector and her lover, little realizing she's an escaped mental patient - a serial killer who adopts the name, dress, gestures, and mannerisms of her latest victim. As they head toward California, she leaves a trail of bodies. The FBI, with help from Carrie, is on the tail of the lovers. But is J.D. her next prey?

Prey of the Chameleon Actors and Actresses

Prey of the Chameleon actors and actresses include Daphne Zuniga, Julie St. Claire, Red West

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