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Quadrophenia(1979) Images

Quadrophenia was released in the year 1979。Quadrophenia is also called as Quadrophenia: A Way of Life, Quadrophenia - 60-talets rebeller, Quadrophenia - 60-luvun kapinalliset, Kwadrofonia, Kuusikymmentäluvun kapinalliset

London, 1965: Like many other youths Jimmy's hates the philistine life, especially his parents and his job in mailing division. Only when he's together with his friends, a 'Mod' clique, cruises London on his motor-scooter and hears 'The Who' and 'The High Numbers', he feels free and accepted. However it's a flight into an illusionary world.

Quadrophenia Actors and Actresses

Quadrophenia actors and actresses include Mark Wingett, Ray Winstone, Sting, Timothy Spall

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