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R(1992) Images

R was released in the year 1992。R is also called as The Lawnmower Man, Passageiro do Futuro, Manden med plæneklipperen, Kosiarz umyslów, Kosec, Hombre del jardín, Gräsklipparmannen, Cortador de césped, Cobaye, A Fünyíróember

A scientist performs experiments involving intelligence enhancing drugs and virtual reality on a simple-minded gardener. He puts the gardener on an extensive schedule of learning, and quickly he becomes brilliant. But at this point the gardener has a few ideas of his own on how the research should continue, and the scientist begins losing control of his experiments.

R Actors and Actresses

R actors and actresses include Austin O'Brien, Dale Raoul, Doug Hutchison, Pierce Brosnan

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