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Raging Bull(1980) Images

Raging Bull was released in the year 1980。Raging Bull is also called as Toro scatenato, Toro salvatge, Tjuren från Bronx, Kuin raivo härkä, Dühöngö bika, Comme un taureau sauvage, Wie ein wilder Stier, Toro salvaje

Based on the life and career of boxer Jake LaMotta, Raging Bull focuses on Jake's rage and violence that makes him virtually unstoppable in the ring. The same anger also drives Jake to beat his wife and his brother Joey, and sends Jake down a self-destructive spiral of paranoia and rage.

Raging Bull Actors and Actresses

Raging Bull actors and actresses include Cathy Moriarty, Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro

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