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Rantoon was released in the year 2006。

Rantoon is a sci-fi adventure set on Earth. The film tells the story of Rantoon, an Okranian warrior whose species is at war with the green Mamtunians. When Rantoon's ship is shot by the evil Mamtunian Raoc, he slips through a wormhole and ends up near Mars. From there, Rantoon coasts his leaky ship to Earth, looking for help. His method is unique: yard circles--not crop circles--all around the globe. Septuagenarian Levi Jones (played by Hollywill) answers Rantoon's call, and the two forge an unlikely friendship. Jones and his family set out with Rantoon to find a Lirium plant and refuel Rantoon's ship. But unknown to the band of heroes, two Mamtunians have made it through the wormhole, too--and it's only a matter of time before Raoc finds his way through.

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