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Rasten - Uppdraget: Rädda sommarlovet was released in the year 2001。Rasten - Uppdraget: Rädda sommarlovet is also called as Recess: School's Out, Speelplein: de grote vakantie, Ricreazione - La scuola è finita, Recess: The Ultimate Summer Vacation, Disneys große Pause, Cour de récré: Vive les vacances, Banda del patio, Llegó el recreo

TJ and his 5 best friends have finally finished 4th grade at 3rd Street School. But just as TJ is about to get his friends involved in typical summer adventures, they all inform him that they're all going to various summer camps. Alone in town, TJ putters around on his bicycle. But passing the school one day, he notices some weird green glow emanating from the building. Further surveillance reveals several mysterious strangers coming and going. TJ tells the police to no avail. He goes to Principal Prickly on the golf course and cajoles him to investigate. But when Mr. Prickly tries to unlock the door to the school, he vanishes, leaving only his golf shoes! TJ's only recourse is to recruit his friends from camp and to try and foil the plans of the mystery men.

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