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Raw Deal(1948) Images

Raw Deal was released in the year 1948。Raw Deal is also called as Vergeltung, Schiavo della furia, Reptilen, Med politiet i hælene, Marché de brutes, Flucht ohne Ausweg, Corkscrew Alley

Joe Sullivan is itching to get out of prison. He's taken the rap for Rick, who owes him $50 Grand. Rick sets up an escape for Joe, knowing that Joe will be caught escaping and be shot or locked away forever. But with the help of his love-struck girl Pat and his sympathetic legal caseworker Ann, Joe gets further than he's supposed to, and we are posed with two very important questions: Is Joe really the cold and heartless criminal he appears to be, or is there a heart of gold under that gritty exterior? And does Joe belong with the tough, street-wise Pat, or with the prim, moralizing Ann?

Raw Deal Actors and Actresses

Raw Deal actors and actresses include Claire Trevor, Raymond Burr

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