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Replacing Delphine was released in the year 2004。

A house fire claims the life of Delphine, leaving her father, Professor Paroux, in an unrecoverable remorse. Twenty-five years later, he happens upon a young girl with an unfortunate resemblance to his daughter. Desperate to recapture what he once had, he lures the girl into the burned out shell of his former home and locks her in Delphine's old room. It is clear there are misdeeds in the works, when Professor Paroux lays out Delphine's old clothes and prepares his taxidermy tools. Luckily, the girl has enchanted toys on her side, as they embark on a magical race against time to save the girl from a fate beyond mere death.

Replacing Delphine Actors and Actresses

Replacing Delphine actors and actresses include Amelia Hanson

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