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Repulsión was released in the year 1965。Repulsión is also called as Repulsion, Chok, Ekel, Epätoivo, Inho, Avsporet, Repulsa ao Sexo, Repulsione, Wstret, Repulsa

A Belgian girl, Carol, works as a manicurist at a London beauty salon. While having lunch, a good looking young man, Colin, spots her and makes a date for another evening. She shares a flat with her sister Helen. Her sister's married lover, Michael, brings out her dislike of men which she cannot explain to Colin. Michael takes Helen abroad for a holiday. Left alone in their flat, Carol's moments of catalepsy and hallucination increase and deepen into madness.

Repulsión Actors and Actresses

Repulsión actors and actresses include Catherine Deneuve, Roman Polanski

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