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Return to the Blue Lagoon was released in the year 1991。Return to the Blue Lagoon is also called as Tillbaka till den blå lagunen, Ritorno alla laguna blu, Retour au lagon, Regresso à Lagoa Azul, Regreso al lago azul, Rückkehr zur Blauen Lagune, Paluu siniselle laguunille, De Volta à Lagoa Azul

Although the title rather suggests a sequel to The Blue Lagoon, this is rather a variation on the same theme- neither Christopher Atkins nor Brooke Shields returns - Emmeline is dead, but a new generation is shipwrecked again on a desert island. This time the two kids, Richard and Lilly, have no experience in the civilizes world at all, and have to discover everything on their own, but loves proves an indomitable instinct, even given a 'choice' of one inhabitant per gender.

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