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RKO 281 was released in the year 1999。RKO 281 is also called as RKO 281: The Battle Over Citizen Kane, RKO 281: La bataille de Citizen Kane, RKO 281 - tapaus Citizen Kane, RKO 281 - La batalla por ciudadano Kane, Citizen Welles, Citizen Kane - Die Hollywood-Legende, A Força

Coming to Hollywood as a celebrated boy genius featuring a spectacular career arc in New York including his "War of the Worlds" radio hoax, Orson Welles is stymied on the subject for his first film. After a dinner party at Hearst Castle, during which he has a verbal altercation with Hearst, Welles decides to do a movie about Hearst. It takes him some time to convince co-writer Herman Mankiewicz and the studio, but Welles eventually gets the script and the green light, keeping the subject very hush-hush with the press. When a rough cut is screened, Hearst gets wind of the movie's theme and begins a campaign to see that it is not only never publicly screened, but destroyed.

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