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Rocco y sus hermanos was released in the year 1960。Rocco y sus hermanos is also called as Rocco e i suoi fratelli, Rokko kai t'adelphia to, Rocco und seine Brüder, Rocco ja hänen veljensä, Rocco et ses frères, Rocco e os Seus Irmãos, Rocco e Seus Irmãos, Rocco and His Brothers, Rocco és fivérei

The widow Rosaria moves to Milano from Lucania with her 4 sons, one of whom is Rocco. The fifth son, Vincenzo, already lives in Milano. In the beginning, the family has a lot of problems, but everyone manages to find something to do. Simone is boxing, Rocco works in a dry cleaners, and Ciro studies. Simone meets Nadia, a prostitute, and they have a stormy affair. Then Rocco, after finishing his military service, begins a relationship with her. A bitter feud ensues between the two brothers, which will lead as far as murder...

Rocco y sus hermanos Actors and Actresses

Rocco y sus hermanos actors and actresses include Alain Delon

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