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Ronnie was released in the year 2002。Ronnie is also called as Run Ronnie Run, Metido em Encrenca, Corre por tu vida, ¡Corre Ronnie corre!

Run Ronnie Run is a heart warming spin-off from the cult hit HBO series "Mr. Show". It is the story of Ronwell Quincy Dobbs (David Cross), who has a unique talent for getting arrest. A British television personality, Terry Twillstein (Bob Odenkirk), gets sight of Ronnie and brings Ronnie to Hollywood to get him his own TV show. Ronnie must then deal with his new life, while having to deal with missing his ex-wife that he left back home. This is a delightful comedy with countless celebrity cameos by Dave Foley, Jeff Goldblum, and Jack Black just to name a few. As well as many appearances by characters for the hit television series "Mr. Show".

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