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Ronny & Cindy was released in the year 2006。

Ronald Parker is a successful advertising executive. Cindy Rella is a successful political consultant. They have been living together for eight years now and, today, while a general strike is building political and social chaos in Canada, Cindy doesn't want to laugh at Ronald's childish jokes anymore. She used to be with him because he always made her laugh, brought her to fancy restaurants and made her enjoy a tremendous social and high class life. He incarnated all she was looking for in a perfect man. But now, she understands, as a general strike brings to light the every day difficulties of every single citizens and workers, that the life she has been sharing with Ronny is completely meaningless. It's meaningless because it's disconnected from the reality a majority of people's everyday life. And Ronny makes THE mistake : right away, just to be funny, he makes fun of her. This is the line he should not have crossed. Ronny, dramatically self-centered and over self-indulgent, doesn't apologize and tries to reconquer his love by cooking a romantic dinner. Unfortunately, it's already too late. The hate will now only grow stronger and stronger until the inevitable happens. Chaos from outside turned love, supposedly indestructible, into a battlefield.

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