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Room at the Top was released in the year 1959。Room at the Top is also called as Tilaa huipulla, Strada dei quartieri alti, Plats på toppen, Plads på toppen, Lugar en la cumbre, Lloc a dalt de tot, Chemins de la haute ville, Almas em Leilão, Weg nach oben

The English factory town is dreary but Joe Lampton has landed a job with a future. To have something to do at night he joins a theatrical group. His boss's daughter Susan is playing ingenue roles on stage and in real life. She is attracted to Joe and Joe thinks about how much faster he will get ahead if he is the boss's son-in-law. This plan is complicated by his strong desire to be with an older woman who also belongs to the theatrical group. She is French and unhappily married. Joe believes he can get away with seeing both women.

Room at the Top Actors and Actresses

Room at the Top actors and actresses include Simone Signoret

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