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Rough Magic was released in the year 1995。Rough Magic is also called as Wilder Zauber, Viagem Mágica, Taikurin testamentti, Rankkaa magiaa, Miss Shumway jette un sort, Miss Magic, Különös varázslat, Hechizo en la ruta maya

Set in the 1950s, Rough Magic tells the story of what happens when a pretty apprentice magician goes to Mexico to escape her fiancé, a wealthy politician, and to find a Mayan shaman who will teach her ancient principles of magic. She is being trailed by a detective hired by her fiancé. He's a former photojournalist traumatized by what he saw in Hiroshima. The photojournalist joins her in the search for the Mayan shaman, and falls in love with her; the feeling is not reciprocated. When she finds the shaman, she drinks a potion which empowers her to do magic. The potion has life-changing effects on her and her relationship with her companion. They have strange experiences which are brought about by magic.

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