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Russkiy kovcheg(2002) Images

Russkiy kovcheg was released in the year 2002。Russkiy kovcheg is also called as Arche russe, Russian Ark - Eine einzigartige Zeitreise durch die Eremitage, Russian Ark, Arca Russa, Русский ковчег, Arca rusa

Told in one fluid shot, a tale which floats like a dreamlike journey through the majestic spaces of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, engaging real and imagined characters from Russian and European history. The nameless protagonist, a 19th-century French diplomat, guides the audience through a lost, sumptuous dream that was the Enlightenment period. The film, staged among some of the Western Art tradition's greatest masterpieces, climaxes in a pageant of color, motion, and music. For Sokurov, the Hermitage--home to generations of Romonovs and repository of so much Russian history--is the ark of the Russian soul, guarding it affectionately until the world sees better days.

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