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Saludos Amigos(1942) Images

Saludos Amigos was released in the year 1942。Saludos Amigos is also called as Amigos, Drei Caballeros im Sambafieber, Alô, Hello Friends, Oppitunti, Grüß' Euch

Live-action segments show members of the Disney staff touring South America and recording their impressions in sketches. These segue into four animated sections: "Lake Titicaca" depicts tourist Donald Duck's troubles with a stubborn llama; "Pedro" tells of a little mail plane's adventures flying over the treacherous Andes; "El Gaucho Goofy" transplants an American cowboy into the Argentine pampas; and in "Aquarela do Brasil," Jose Carioca shows Donald the sights and sounds of Rio de Janiero.

Saludos Amigos Actors and Actresses

Saludos Amigos actors and actresses include Walt Disney

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