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Sarajevski atentat was released in the year 1975。Sarajevski atentat is also called as Zamach, The Day That Shook the World, der die Welt veränderte, Tag, Sarajevský atentát, Quel rosso mattino di giugno - attentato a Sarajevo, Atentat u Sarajevu, Atentado en Sarajevo, Aquela Vermelha Manhã de Junho

Historical depiction of the events preceding the political murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, would-be emperor of the Austro-Hungarian throne, in Sarajevo, June 28, 1914. A World War would start there, that some claim has not yet ended - merely changed fighting grounds once in a while.

Sarajevski atentat Actors and Actresses

Sarajevski atentat actors and actresses include Maximilian Schell

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