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Saratoga Trunk(1945) Images

Saratoga Trunk was released in the year 1945。Saratoga Trunk is also called as Spiel mit dem Schicksa, Intrigantin von Saratoga, Intrigante van Saratoga, Intrigante de Saratoga, Højt spil i Saratoga, Högt spel i Saratoga, Exótica, Saratoga, Abrechnung in Saratoga

On the death of her mother, the vivacious Clio Dulaine returns from Paris to her childhood home in New Orleans to seek revenge for the humiliation her mother suffered there from her father's wife's family. She also plans to marry a rich man to attain the status and respectability her mother never had, but falls for Texas gambler Clint Maroon instead. When he leaves New Orleans for the horse racing season at Saratoga Springs, she follows him there to seek her fortune - or someone else's.

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