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Saul Goodman was released in the year 2006。Saul Goodman is also called as North Station

Midnight in an empty rail station, and two strangers await the last train out of Boston. One, a retired politico with an endless supply of crude jokes, anecdotes and campaign war stories, the other a college student with a high IQ and healthy skepticism. Live footage of a police standoff plays on the station TV, prompting a lively dialogue. Three increasingly strange and incredible stories are exchanged involving the presidential campaign of the local US Senator. In the first, we're told of a mad bomber and his genius plot to assassinate the candidate. In the second, we see the perverted sex scandal that nearly sank the campaign. In the third, we learn of the fantastic technological discovery that radically changed the world's landscape, mankind's perception of reality, and the candidate's political destiny. These tall tales begin to connect and intersect in unexpected ways, ultimately leading to a revelation that will prove both shocking and deadly.

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