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Seven Mummies was released in the year 2006。Seven Mummies is also called as Treasure of the Seven Mummies, Seitsemän muumion aarre, Dead Evil, 7 Mummies

Misfit group of convicts find a fabled treasure and horrific death when they uncover the secret of the lost gold of the Tumacacori. For over one hundred years the Spanish Conquistadors tore raw gold from the heart of the Guachapa Mountains, where they enslaved ten thousand native Hohokam Indians and twenty-five hundred labor laden burros, creating a line of man and beast that snaked for more than two hundred miles across the Southwest desert to a secret place of hiding. Seven Jesuit priests vowed to protect the precious gold until the Spanish came to remove the treasure and take the wealth to another place. But the Spanish never returned, and as the priests aged and died, they were mummified and placed in pine coffins with the treasure to protect it for all eternity. For over four hundred years no one came to this place. Until the great migration West, when new untamed settlers opened up the rugged frontier, and a small town was built over the ancient treasure site, where the men mined and looked for riches. And when they uncovered the Spanish treasure, they awoke the seven Jesuit priests from their sleep, and the seven mummies sought revenge for those that had disturbed the gold. They killed the entire people of the town and placed them into a state of purgatory, the walking dead now cursed to protect the treasure of the Tumacacori..... And now, another one hundred years later, six misfit convicts try to escape across the sun scorched desert to Mexico in search of freedom, but find a gold medallion covered with unknown symbols and an Apache holy man who tells them of the lost Spanish wealth. More gold than ten men can spend in ten life times together. As the group stumbles into the old frontier town at dusk to seek their fortune at taking the gold, they are forced to confront the town's wicked sheriff, Drake, and his two deadly deputies, who will stop at nothing to keep the convicts from finding the lost treasure of the Tumacacori and discovering the secret of the seven mummies.

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