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Seven Sinners was released in the year 1940。Seven Sinners is also called as A Pecadora, Café 'De Syv Synder', Cafe of the Seven Sinners, De isla en isla, Haus der sieben Sünden, Seitsemän syntistä, Siete pecadores, Sju syndare, Maison des sept péchés

Bijou, a saloon singer with a reputation for insighting brouhahas, is one of several deportees from a south Pacific island to arrive at another U.S. protectorate, Boni Komba. She becomes very popular with U.S. navymen by performing at the 'Seven Sinners'. A navy Lieutenant is attracted to Bijou despite the Governor's machinations to keep them apart, and the competing affections of local mobster, Antro. Will the Lieutenant give up the navy for Bijou, and will he survive Antro's forces?

Seven Sinners Actors and Actresses

Seven Sinners actors and actresses include Broderick Crawford, Marlene Dietrich

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