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Shadow of Doubt was released in the year 1998。Shadow of Doubt is also called as Epäilyksen verho, Na Sombra da Dúvida, Ombra del dubbio, Dernière preuve, Schatten eines Zweifels, Sombras de duda, Reasonable Doubt

After the daughter of a prominent businessman is brutally murdered, high profile defense attorney Kitt Devereux takes the case of the accused murderer, rising rapper Bobby Medina. With a history of drugs and violence, Medina is a likely suspect, but Devereux suspects there's more to the case as she locks horns with her ex-husband, D.A. Jack Campioni, and a wealthy woman whose son is a presidential candidate. Dealing with her own tainted past and the unreliable Medina, Devereux struggles to prove her client's innocence even to herself.

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