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Shards(2005) Images

Shards was released in the year 2005。

Shards deals with a current and controversial topic: the aftermath of war, which takes place in the homes where soldiers return and must cope with the inhumanity of their wartime experience. Soon after his return, daughter Erin (Werner), realizes that something is awfully wrong with her father Abraham, (Reagan) a newly discharged Iraq war veteran. He is not the dad she used to have, and even simple things, like getting a hug, can seem unattainable. His obvious instability and unpredictability cause confusion and mistrust among the other family members. Yet Erin's determination, sensitivity, courage, and ability to empathize with her troubled father enable her to reach beyond his paralyzing mask of estrangement, and take the initial step toward healing for both of them.

Shards Actors and Actresses

Shards actors and actresses include Morgan Lily

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