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She's Out of Control was released in the year 1989。She's Out of Control is also called as Daddy's Little Girl, Fingrene væk fra Katie, Giù le mani da mia figlia!, Não Mexa com a Minha Filha, Håll tassarna borta från min dotter, Locura de papá, Näpit irti tyttärestän, Hände weg von meiner Tochter

Doug Simpson lives alone with his two daughters Katie and Bonnie. Katie has just turned 15 and when Doug is out of town on a business trip she gets herself treatment at a beauty parlor. She removes her braces and her thick glasses. Without those, she is a beautiful young woman and the boys line up outside the front door to date her. But Doug won't accept that his *girl* is seeing *men*...

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