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Silent Voices(2005) Images

Silent Voices was released in the year 2005。

Based on interviews with over 100 people affected by Domestic Violence in the UK, Silent Voices tells there stories using 7 characters performing integrated monologues. Raj a 10 year old boy tells his tale of how his mother and him get away from the violence of his father and the associated attachments to a black Caribbean family as he moves from home to a refuge. Chelsea a 13 year old girl, who loves her father and mourns the loss of her CD's and friends as her Mother drags her from Refuge to Refuge until her inevitable return home. Jezza a 16 year old trainee hairdresser, remembers her time with her mother and father as they battled through her childhood. Her chilling realisation that her Mother was killed by her Father as she watched leaves her character coming to terms with the horror. Bev a 19 year old prostitute and drug addict explains how she has ended in her current predicament in an attempt to escape the violence her father an RAF officer perpetrated on her mother. Summer, 26, a successful City worker, explains how she fell in love with the man who then went on to destroy her life through bullying and violence and how she discovered how difficult it was to break free of her situation. Michael, 40 a small time lawyer recalls his middle-class upbringing and the secrets of the violence that went on behind closed doors which resulted in his Mothers suicide. Lucy, 38, a successful office worker who has finally found a man she can trust again, re-tells the story of how clever her boyfriend was at isolating her by his kindness and attention before she found herself alone with her child in a house that was filled with anger.

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