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Sin City was released in the year 2005。Sin City is also called as Amartoli poli, Frank Miller's Sin City, Ciudad del pecado, Sin City - La ville du vice et du péché, Sin City - miasto grzechu, Sin City - A Cidade do Pecado

"Sin City" is Four stories inter-weaved telling tales of corruption in Basin City. The First Story (The Customer is always right)is short, and is based on the depression of women that they need to pay a man to feel loved when they commit suicide. The Next Story is Part 1 of "That Yellow Bastard" starring Bruce Willis as a cop who needs to save a young girl from being raped. The Third Story (The Hard Goodbye) features Mickey Rourke and his revenge on a heartless killer who murdered his one-night stand. The fourth story (The Big, Fat Kill) stars Clive Owen as a man who must dispatch of a cop's body, but it will be a tough ride to do it. Following that are two conclusions to Sin City, the ending of "That Yellow Bastard" which is set 8 years later, and a short story that ends Sin City.

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